About Our Organization

Established in 2015, Water The Seeds Foundation is about raising awareness of education in Nimina, Burkina Faso. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we operate for  the benefit of the children in West Africa.

Our Burkina Faso Roots

Our organization's founder, Tony Simeon Amara, grew up in extreme poverty. His family could not afford to buy him books or basic school supplies. Now as a father of three, he is fighting to advance local education in West Africa.

Because I am a native of Burkina Faso, I have a better understanding of the country’s socioeconomic situation, especially the factors affecting the children’s basic needs. Since I went through the same struggle as those in need. I aim to alleviate their poverty through quality education.


We also meet and connect with the people we hope to help. Our personal experience and intimate knowledge of the situation set us apart from similar organizations.


Tony Simeon Amara


I know for a fact that these kids cannot study without supplies, work on an empty stomach, live without clothing, I know this because I was one of these kids in the 1980’s. I went to the very same broken structure of a school and worked on the exact same broken wooden desk that is in place today 37 years ago. I only owned one outfit and never owned shoes. For my entire schooling education my father couldn’t afford to buy me one book. Some years if he could afford to he would buy me one notepad, one pencil and 12 white chalk sticks for the entire school year. I’m ashamed and embarrassing to say but I still remember stealing a chalk from my classmate, because I didn’t have it.

I am now 42 years old and living in Los Angeles, I am an accomplished Chef, a caring husband, and most importantly the proud father of three amazing children. Watching my children’s ever expanding educational interest has been my motivation to help these African children. My parents never went to school, never learned the prominent language of French, and could barely afford to send myself and siblings to school. During school with no books and minimal supplies it made it almost impossible to learn anything for us. Not knowing the importance of an education and having minimal finances available most all children do not complete an elementary level education and become child farmers. Only due to certain circumstances I was able to avoid this fate and write these words.

I strongly believe in our heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ; I also believe that education is the main key of success in life. I am determined to support and inspire these young kids to realize that hard work and education is extremely important for them to accomplish and to attain their life goals.


Garret Shank

Garret has worked closely with Tony in the Events World for several years. He comes from an operational background owning a restaurant franchise, operating food, beverage, hotel, nightlife and Event outlets. He has a deep care for children and animals with the ambitions to make a change in the world. He is so excited to support Tony’s cause and do whatever possible to make a change in these children’s lives. Garret supports all events, fundraising, book keeping, partnerships, and community engagement.

Michelle Wilbur

Michelle Wilbur’s role in the Water the Seeds Foundation is to provide Public Relations support and web content. Michelle is married, with one daughter who is about to head off to High School! She has been in the Financial Services industry for almost 20 years and for the past 6 years has been one of the owners of a Sacramento-based martial arts school. Michelle has a BA in Economics and believes strongly in the ability of well-educated children to rise above whatever difficulties and challenges they may face. Michelle became involved with Water the Seeds through her friendship with the founder, Tony Amara, and has also worked with other children’s charities in Northern California.

Support Our Foundation

If you believe in the power of education to transform lives, you can join us in our advocacy for quality education for impoverished children. Send a message to our friendly staff to learn how you can assist us.